Linnéa Jungnelius

Marketing Manager

She believed she could, so she did.

— R.S. Grey, Scoring Wilder

The true believer

Showing carelessness for the environment is one of the top ways to exasperate a Swede. (Well that or confusing a Swede with being Suisse, which is understandable.) True to form, our Swedish-born marketing maven Linnéa leads our company’s green team. And, when she’s not promoting all things green, she’s enlisting herself in other causes aimed to make the world a better place. Linnéa is an avid learner, who gets excited when she finds new topics to study. She likes nothing more than to lose herself in market research on behalf of our clients – seeking that key discovery to support their success.

An imaginative thinker, Linnéa channels her creativity into Acertitude’s marketing, communications, project management, business development, and employment branding initiatives in her role as marketing manager. She thrives helping our firm continually identify ways to strengthen our services and project delivery by listening to the desires of today’s industry leaders.

Linnéa’s energy, commitment and ability to listen and deeply engage to understand our clients’ challenges have made her a valuable resource on numerous employment brand projects. She works closely with our team and yours to strategize how to attract the best talent, and create a positive and impactful presence in key environments.

You could call Linnéa a global citizen. We do. A native of Sweden, she speaks fluent English, Swedish, and Spanish. When she’s not at the office, you won’t find her sitting still. She loves to travel, and spends her downtime running, cycling, dancing, and sailing. If she does stop moving, it’s usually to strike a yoga pose.


Bryant University, B.S., International Business, Marketing and Spanish