Kathy Bogle

Senior Director Administration

If it is to be, it is up to me!

— William H. Johnsen

The fixer

Kathy is our expert problem solver, logical thinker, philosopher, and peacemaker. Her ability to overcome almost any challenge is fueled by her unwavering commitment to keeping a positive attitude. It’s either that, or the fact that the Research team she directs keeps her plied with Chai Lattes. Either way, Kathy’s belief that nothing is impossible serves her well in her role of senior director administration, where she leads our team to success and has been known to pull a rabbit out of the hat when needed.

Kathy brings 18 years’ experience to her role of senior director administration, in which she elevates Acertitude’s administration and project management to deliver the highest quality service to clients. As a leader to our team of research analysts, database specialists, and data quality specialists, she ensures everyone works together effectively to move candidates seamlessly through our pipeline (making all the necessary stops along the way!). Kathy is actively engaged in establishing standards for our metrics and reporting and is ultimately responsible for our database and data quality.

Kathy also provides critical support on our executive search engagements to help our team exceed our clients’ expectations. Her involvement spans the full life cycle of each search, from crafting position specifications to engaging high-potential prospects to conducting interviews and delivering detailed progress reports.

Before joining Acertitude, Kathy was national research director at Technology Executive Group. In this similar role, Kathy supported executive search engagements by applying well-honed research skills to identify highly qualified candidates, unearth vital industry information, and spot emerging market trends.

When Kathy isn’t at work, you may find her relaxing at the beach, running, or training for an upcoming triathlon. She’d be the last person to tell you she frequently bests the competition in her age group, or that she’s an annual participant in the 150-mile MS Society City to Shore Ride. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from boasting about her.


Wesley College, A.B.A.