Anna-Lise Karapatakis

Administrative Assistant

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

— Aristotle

The understudy

A creative soul with a background in the arts, Anna-Lise sought an innovative environment with the opportunity for on-the-job learning to build her career.  Lucky for us and our clients, she was attracted to Acertitude as that place. There is a positive air in the halls around Anna-Lise. She exudes palpable enthusiasm for learning the executive search business from the ground up and unremitting initiative in the pursuit of excellence. Working in support of the entire team, she is dedicated to learning the ins and outs of our delivery model, and always at the ready to step into multiple roles.

Anna-Lise supports Acertitude Partners across multiple aspects of our search engagements. With the aim of delivering the best experience for all project stakeholders, she leads the critical task of connecting clients, candidates, and consultants through face-to-face meetings and conference calls. She works swiftly and responsively in everything she does, fastidiously coordinating travel logistics to ensure everyone feels well cared for and that we are always representing our clients well. Anna-Lise also assists in the drafting, proofreading, and polishing of key search documents and reports to ensure the utmost accuracy and consistency.

Ms. Karapatakis has been with Acertitude since the company’s launch, and is based in Providence. Previously, she performed data entry tasks at O’Neill Consulting Group, one the firm’s founding companies.    

Outside the office, Anna-Lise focuses on staying active and trying new things. Borrowing from the laws of physics, she keeps in mind that objects in motion are more likely to stay in motion. Last year she was introduced to skiing and found herself on a black diamond by her fourth trip - although she will admit that she’s not sure if that was a good thing! She has a passion for traveling, especially to the island of Crete in Greece where her father grew up.  Her fondness for photography even once led her to drive all around her home state of Rhode Island to scope the perfect spots for recreating and photographing a series of notable Alfred Hitchcock movie stills.


University of Rhode Island, B.F.A., Studio Art and Photography
Rhode Island School of Design, CE Program, Drawing and Painting